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Smithy's Saints Free Agency Analysis
July 29th, 2011 11:15 PM

Smithy's Saints free agency recap: (to date) in order of importance: Resignings/signings;
1. Left Tackle: Jermon Bushrod: 2 year deal, didn't have to break the bank, major coup, GM Loomis is a Jedi master!! Brees gets sacked and gets hurt, Saints revert tools bag head self,,

2. Strong Safety- Roman Harper- forget the playoff game, we all screw up sometimes, dude is solid, will take care of bidness, plus noone is waiting in the wings.
3, Wide Receiver-La

nce Moore- he is Drew Brees Linus' safety blanket, my girl Jules called it a gick, Drew is like my spouse or "franchise" so they gotta have their gick

4. Running Back- Free agent-Darren Sproles-na na na na, na na na na, hey hey GOODBYE Reggie bush!!! Like I told my good friend, and only sports talk legend Tim Fletcher 2 months ago, (who has bad ass radio show in morning 91.3FM) Sproles can out run, catch and return the rock than Bush but Bush can out jersey sell and pimp Sproles. LeBron and Reggie in Miami, have fun madonnas

5. Special Teams/locker room ace;
Chris Reis: dude is an overachiever, playmaker and gunner who single handedly(literally) grabbed us the SB victory inMiami. Great move as the WAR is won behind the scenes!!!!

I got more, videos analysis to come asap, Im a rookie so bare with me but I aim to please, peace




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